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Incorporating the e-commerce option for your business may be a decision that was hard to come, but setting up the right e-commerce option will try your judgment even more. With the exponential increase of the online customer base, the e-store platform has also evolved far beyond just simple web design. Today it requires complex technologies and highly customized software solutions to market products online.

Also, knowledge of which e-commerce features work and which are unnecessary and the cost involved in adding each to the website will prove invaluable when choosing an e-commerce service for a businessWe now have a look at the various e-commerce options one can use to market products online, the technical know-how of each and guidelines for choosing the right option.

3 e-store options that you can use to market products online

To be able to choose the right e-commerce option for your business site, it is first necessary to understand the various options available. All e-commerce systems, though beneficial, are not exactly similar and exhibit different benefits to various users as explained here.

Hosted e-commerce systems

Though this e-commerce platform is more flexible when built inherently with the website, it may prove to be expensive for businesses that require just a retail portal. In such cases, the hosted e-commerce system can come in really handy, as everything that needs to be tweaked to make your business site e-commerce ready will be taken care of by an external host.

In this particular option, the software for setting up the e-commerce portal will be provided by the host, and all you will be required to provide will be the product data such as price lists, photographs, descriptions, etc. Also round the clock support will be provided by the host ensuring that your sales don’t get affected by the downtime. But the only problem is that any customization on any level whatsoever will prove to be quite expensive and in most cases impossible.

Custom e-commerce systems

The custom e-commerce system can prove to be invaluable to business sites that desperately need a changeover to effectively market products online. With a custom e-commerce system, the entire job of building and setting up the site will be taken care of by an external consultancy.

However, unlike a hosted system, the design of the site here will revolve around your business rather than your business adapting to it. With the flexibility offered by custom e-commerce systems, uniqueness and creativity can be seamlessly integrated into your e-commerce portal making your site an eye-catcher rather than just another retail portal.

Bear in mind that customizability comes at a price, as the e-commerce consultancy might tax you higher for a highly unique site. But when you consider the cost you will save by eliminating all the unnecessary additions to the portal and the business that can be generated by it, it is worth the investment.

Off the shelf and Bespoke systems

An external service provider is not an ultimate necessity when creating an e-commerce site, as there are plenty of software applications as well that can do a pretty good job at building an online retail portal. For instance, if there is a requirement to add an e-commerce portal to an already existing business site, an off the shelf system can do the job much better than any other service provider and can save you lot on money as well.

Upon installation, the site can be updated with all the necessary e-commerce elements and can also be customized to suit your requirements. Even if your site requires a large number of modifications, with a bespoke system, the necessary alterations can be made quite simple through the application.

These are the main e-store systems you can use to market products online. Choose what works better for your site or financial capability.



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