6 Fantastic ways to brainstorm product ideas for e-retailing

With the internet swarming with an endless number of online products, finding unique selling products online from home ideas can prove to be quite a challenge. But that’s no reason to get disheartened, because for a start, trying to be too unique on the internet can actually be both risky and too complicated. Eventually, it might even force you to quit before you can begin.

So don’t shut yourself out from the external world and waste your time reinventing the wheel. Instead get inspiration from other successful entrepreneurs and the expectations of your customers and jump right into the action. It’s much easier to perfect something than to build from scratch.

Let’s us take a look at how to get around brainstorming for new products.

Brainstorming for selling products online from home ideas

Start from where you last left off

Remember that time, when you looked at some product and thought to yourself that you could do better. You might have gone as far as to draw sketches and actual plans for creating the product. So if you’re someone who had such an idea, why let it wither and die. Improvise the product; market it and become successful – it’s just as simple as that. Carry out a little research on the internet, and see if anyone has already come up with a similar idea if so, find out how successful he has been in selling it and improvise your product based on his success rate.

Get inspired by your own neighborhood

E-retailing may be the most prospective method now, but traditional land-based retailers have been handling customers for decades, and they know best what the customers want and how to get them delighted. So take a cue from them for a start, take a stroll through the town and take a good look at successful businesses and see how they managed to flourish.  And add your own new ideas to improvise and retail better.

Hear what the professionals predict

 Forecasting can be an invaluable tool when brainstorming for selling products online from home ideas. It gives you a clear picture of what to expect and which products to finalize for the market, so head out and hear what the professionals of the industry have to say. There are a substantial number of publications that give an accurate listing where the consumer interests are headed and what the consumers prefer at present. This provides a good measure of marketability for your product.

Always have an eye for new products

Ideas are never constant; they can keep on shifting and take new forms. So when you’re brainstorming don’t conclude easily, keep testing your decision and allow some time to see if anything can be improved. It’s even better if you can borrow ideas from the latest products on the market and add them to your own design. So always keep a close watch on the new products that are being brought to the market by the new breed of entrepreneurs. Also try to absorb the theme, on which the products are being marketed, it helps to knock off those off-beat products on your list that can wait for another time.

The customer knows best

Inspiration doesn’t always have to come from other retailers; sometimes it could be directly from customers as well. A simple photo share on Instagram of a rare product that people love the most, or a discussion on Facebook about what people hate most about the hair dryer they just bought or even a tweet about what people love to see in the market, can give you enough inspiration to create a highly successful product. So keep track of the social activity happening around you to get a good read on your customer’s mind.

Follow the industry leaders

Sometimes, old school principles work far better than modern methods. So if you’re stuck at a point during brainstorming as to whether your product has any market value at all, go check out what the retail leaders have to say. Check out websites like eBay and Amazon to find out products that are similar to what you have in mind and check their popularity among customers.


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